Nicely Done

You know how cities design areas for public announcements? How cities often put in decorative lampposts to give a sense of continuity and distinctiveness to specific areas? Red light standards in Chinatown. Black traditional ones in the park areas. Well, here in St. John’s we have red tuck tape on the power poles downtown to cover up the older advertisements people staple and tape on. The Scope posed the question and there’s been no good answers other than it sticks well. Well, duh. I finally noticed this new method today. Probably because the poles were freshly re-wrapped. They certainly looked cleaner, but it just looked odd. Odd indeed. Overall, I’m rating this effort a D-minus. It’s utilitarian, but in a city that prides itself in remaining stuck (pun not intended, but noticed on proof-reading) in the bygone days of no taller than three-story developments, this is pathetic. I could see them putting up message boards — there’s enough vacant lots to install the signboards — and making posts an illegal option. This I didn’t see.

While Not All Boys are Creeps, That 80's Couple is Creeping Me Out

And to those advertising this way. Sure it’s free. But I’ve never attended anything I’ve read on them. I get my events from The Scope, The Muse, and other on-line sources. Does this advertising work? I tend to read it about ten days after the event happens. It’s entertaining reading sometimes though. While not all boys are creeps, the 80s’ couple in this advertisement is creeping me out. Yep, I missed that event.

No Skateboarding without Mittens and Scarf

And hats off to whomever added the mittens and scarf to the pedestrian and made them a skateboarder to boot. I know all too well how boarding can increase the windchill to dangerous levels.Keep warm everyone. Keep warm.

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  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

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