Public Notice .. Raise the Steeple Dance

Dance until they raise the steeple. Well, maybe not, but there’s a dance for the The Church By the Sea group to raise money for preserving the old Anglican Church in St. Philip’s. It’s an odd story and the headlines just keep getting weirder and weirder. It’s been around eight months since the old church was making some pretty big headlines.

We’ll certainly know who put the steeple back on the church, although we will probably never know who desecrated the structure in the first place.

I don’t really want to take sides here. On one hand I think St. John’s is too conservationist in protecting the views of the harbour and disallowing almost every development proposed in the downtown. On the other hand this view, just twenty minutes outside of town has been desecrated. Now the reasons for the St. Philip’s Chainsaw Massacre are a little cloudy. Was it one of those from the church that wanted more cemetery space? Was it condoned by the rector? We’ll probably never know.

St. Philip's Anglican Church

I quite like the new church. It is a nice structure. They did a good job using the same steeple treatment as the original structure and the colouring is spot on. It’s not quite the same location. A little higher up the hill, but look at the setting of the original. I love the old structure. Well, I loved it more when it was in tact and now I just say “ugh” every time I’m turning onto St. Thomas Line from Dogberry Hill Road. That view should have been preserved before it came to this.

Fall (autumn) .. Rough and Smooth .. Here is a Church, Here is the Steeple

I suppose that a decapitated church isn’t that odd a site in a graveyard. Happy Hallow-e’en St. Philip’s.


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