Remember that Mel Gibson movie with the kid wearing tinfoil on his head so the aliens couldn’t read his brainwaves or something? This isn’t about that movie. This is about signs that contextually don’t make much sense. Okay some of it is cultural like:

Burro Crossing

There’s not many burros from anywhere I’ve lived so this sign made me laugh. It’s accurate, it’s important, it’s well-done. It just made me smile because, well, it’s not what I see in my life everyday.

Then there’s the one’s that make sense or not depending on the way you read it. Try reading this one with different emphasis and timing:

When Hunting Pedestrians

Those pesky pedestrians.

There are those signs that make sense to those that live the life, but for those that are not from those parts:


What exactly is this? It was on the ferry to Bell Island and I’m guessing it is for a meetup point in case of emergency, but what comes to my mind is Lookout for Ninjas.

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