In my last post, I hinted at endangered buildings and places in Regina.
While the Leader Building in Regina is not on that list (it is a heritage
designated address in Regina), it’s worth a few paragraphs because it’s a
wonderful little building. It would also be unfair to not show some of what
has not been lost as well as what may be lost and has been lost.

The Leader Building on Hamilton Street The Leader Building

The Leader Building on Hamilton Street .. The Leader Building

The Leader Building is home to Solvera Solutions, the company
I work for. I’m not sure how others feel, but I love going to the head
office for any reason because it’s such a great address and space inside.
While only the outside of the building is protected under the heritage
designation, there is still a bit of character and charm on the inside with
old brick on some of the walls along with some modern conveniences.

Random Windows on the Leader Buidling The Leader Building

Random Windows .. The Leader Building

Built in 1912, the Leader Building housed the office and publishing
facilities of Regina’s Leader-Post newspaper
(, 2011). Over the years, it has also housed CKCK radio
(, 2011). It’s a wonderful early 20th century
Chicago School Style building. It’s one of my favourite
structures in Regina and a pretty cool place to call your home office. If
anyone has a picture of the building with a broadcast device on top, I
would love to see it.

References 2011. – Last
accessed 2011-05-18.

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