Cape Spear Lighthouse

One of my favourite spots around St. John’s. Sure it’s a tourist trap, overly busy for the brief summer and if you’re out on a Friday or Saturday in the afternoon you’re likely to run into some wedding photography, but it’s just such a great piece of coastline and it’s myriad of moods makes it worth wandering out there whatever the weather. Be warned that they don’t plow or sand/salt during winter storms, so take your chances. One of my favourite days was after a storm and wandering around the drifts with no one else around. It does pay to be local.

Easternmost Point .. Cape Spear

A reasonable if maybe a bit full day itinerary would be to hit Signal Hill, then Cora’s downtown for breakfast, Cape Spear, then around through Petty Harbour (a good lunch stop), and off around the Irish Loop to check out Ferryland (minus the picnic, although afternoon tea and desert is an option) and back up through Salmonier, maybe stopping at a restaurant in one of the smaller towns along the way for supper.

Coastline .. Foggy Lighthouse .. Splash

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