Right in the heart of St. John’s is an outport from out by the bays. While it’s undergone some changes and some of the new development is out of character, you can grab a bit of outport without venturing outside the cosmopolitanism that is St. John’s.

Quidi Vidi Sea Sheds

I’m not sure if Quidi Vidi or Petty Harbour would rank higher on my list of must see spots within the area, but it’s definitely not in the waste your time pile. You should walk up past the houses at the end towards The Gut to get the full effect. Otherwise you are missing some great views. You’ll find the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company here and a quick tour and some free samples are a nice treat. I’m partial to the 1892 and the Honey Brown options from the local brewer. Much better than any of the Newfoundland rebrand options from the bigger brewers like Jockey Club, and Black Horse. Odd how a post about an outport turns into a post about beer.

The Coast around Quidi Vidi .. Iceberg at Quidi Vidi .. Trappin' the Garbage

And don’t worry about the weather. I’ve gone in fog, drizzle, winter and sun. To be honest. Sun is the worst weather for this place. It really sinks deep into your psyche when the wind and the fog chill you to the bone.

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