Water Drop Houses

Georgestown or Georgetown? I’m not sure and the signage in the area is of no help as some businesses say George and some say Georges, so take your pick. I’m going with Georgestown. Wikipedia calls it Georgestown, as in George (Winter)’s town. The Georgestown Neighbourhood Association also has an excerpt from Georgestown by Wallace Furlong indicating that the area was first known as Winterstown and then Georgestown. I like the quirkiness.

Reflections of Georgestown

I love Georgestown. It’s one of my favourite little neighbourhoods within the St. John’s downtown residential area. The fact that it’s also home to a great bakery is also high on the list of reasons to love this place. The fact that it seems to have a high concentration of vans and Subaru wagons which have great back windows for reflections is just an added bonus for someone who likes looking at the world through reflections.

Pub .. Reflection

Georgestown is roughly bound by Bonaventure Avenue to the West, Empire Avenue to the North, Monkstown Road to the East, and Military Road to the South. All directions are approximate as nothing really runs East-West or North-South for long in St. John’s. If you’re on foot without a map, head to The Rooms and then walk along Bonaventure away from downtown and take a right down one of the streets (probably Mullock or Howley).

Reflection .. Reflection

I can’t wait for my next wander to the corner of Hayward and Maxse. In fact, I think I’m out the door as soon as I push Publish for some bread. Georgestown Bakery bread. And maybe a few bagels.

Georgestown Bakery

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