I’ll preface this by saying that I am not a professional wedding photographer, photographer for that matter. I will say that I was honored to witness these friends’ civil ceremony and had a blast taking photos. So much fun.

Untitled .. Untitled

We will miss Sun and Alex when they move. They are such nice people and so much fun to be around.

Untitled .. Untitled

I got to: meet the mayor; peek inside the council chambers; and got a chance to work with some difficult low-level lighting to see how I would cope. I need some serious people practice and probably a better lens to cope with some evil auto-focus issues I was having. Some more candid photos during the ceremony would have been nice. I was a little short on that end and I would have liked to take a couple more portraits outside. Practice, practice, practice.

Untitled .. Untitled

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to visit them in the future or they will come back and visit us. Best wishes for the future and keep in touch. Thanks for the wonderful lunch and company. Oh, and nice tie Alex.


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