To Order Picnics

I’m not one to pay too much for a sandwich. Okay, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the over-priced turkey and stuffing sandwiches over at Coffee Matters, but Ferryland is on the list of places at which I’ll pay too much for a sandwich. Then again, you do get an orzo salad, dessert and lemonade in a mason jar for your price. You can also throw in a bonus that during July and August there’s a chance of seeing some whales off shore. My wife says the crab cakes are outstanding if they are in season. I’m usually in the curried chicken salad camp. I might live here, but I’m still not enamored by the sea creatures with hard shells fare.

Lighthouse Picnics in Ferryland, NL should be on everyone’s list of things to do on the island if visiting or a local. I’ve been out for a picnic four times now. To get here, drive on the Irish Loop South-ish of St. John’s past Bay Bulls, Tors Cove, La Manche Park until you get to Ferryland. It takes about an hour. Yes, the map says it’s only 75km from downtown St. John’s, but it’s a winding road through small towns with a highly variable speed limit. When you get to Ferryland you’ll turn off at the museum for the Colony of Avalon and drive up the road and then head rightish on the gravel road for a bit. It’s narrow, you’ll have to pull to the side a bit for on-coming traffic every now and then and it’s a bit bumpy. After parking it’s a twenty to thirty minute walk to the lighthouse. I carried my son in the cannot-be-approved-of-enough MEC infant carrier and it only took twenty minutes.

Lighthouse .. Coastline .. Lunch and Lighthouse

The food is good. The view is fantastic. Book ahead, it’s busy and they are limited in capacity. Even if you can’t get the food, it’s a good view and your own lunch would suffice. I’m just too lazy to carry mine and really enjoy the gingerbread cake with vanilla sauce.

Rocks and Water .. Coastline

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