By Da Beach, Thorburn Road, Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s

Da or the, it’s still fish and chips.

By Da (the) Beach .. Fish and Chips and a Pepsi

It would be remiss to review restaurants around the St. John’s area and not include By Da Beach at some point. It might not be the best fish and chips place in the area, but it is pretty high on the list and would generally be included in any survey of the fish and chips establishments . Fish and chips in the end is a rather personal decision. Batter thickness, batter style, type and quality of fish, greasiness, size of fries, crispiness of fries, dressing quality, gravy quality I’ll just leave it that the portion sizes are large and reasonably priced and both the fish and chips are quite good.

Come early on nice days in the summer. It fills up fast and wait times can be excessive. Of course with a group you can get it to go and stroll along the beach while one unlucky member of your party waits in line to bring you the food.

The Beach .. The Beach

I’ve been three times now and the fish has always been quite good. Decent fish, decent batter, decent chips. A word of caution is that there is no alternative menu here. So everyone has to want fish or they better stay home. By Da Beach has three locations in case you’re not up to wandering down to the real beach, but if you don’t hit up the one in St. Philip’s you’re missing out. Especially to watch the sun set on Conception Bay.


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