September 17, 2007

With my anniversary coming up, I’m feeling nostalgic. My wife and I spent our honeymoon in the place we love: The Canadian Rocky Mountains. This time we called three months prior to the day we wanted to go to Lake O’Hara to reserve our spot on the bus up for a day of hiking. We like the outdoors, but 11km of access trail just to get to where you’d really like to start hiking was not on the plan.


If you’ve ever been to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and not popped in to visit Yoho National Park you’ve done yourself a large disservice. Yoho is spectacular. I don’t want this to sound like one of those 37,647,483-places-you-have-to-see-before-you-die book, but Lake O’Hara should be in that book.

View from Wiwaxy Gap

We were lucky enough to see the larch trees changing colour for the fall. All green to yellowish orange and beautiful. We got some light rain to start and some dramatic lighting as the skies opened up to clear by noon.

Autumn Spendour .. Opabin Plateau, Lake O'Hara

Our route was around the lake a bit and then up to Wiwaxy Gap, along the Huber Ledge to Lake Oesa and  then along the Yukness Ledge over to the Opabin Plateau and back down. We missed out on the All Soul’s route over to Schäffer Lake. But one of the nice things at Lake O’Hara are the numerous options. You could come down after Lake Oesa, or skip the Wiwaxy Gap and just hike up to Lake Oesa to cut out some portions and make it a bit easier.

Beautiful day, beautiful company, and memories to give the wedding ceremony a run for its money. Happy anniversary sweetheart. Return trip for our fifth anniversary?

Lake O'Hara

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