It disheartens me when my most popular photo on flickr is one that was found because it was tagged garbage bin and Newfoundland. It’s not a bad photo. It’s got a nice quality of light and uses 12mm in a good way. Unlike the set of photos here which uses 12mm in unimaginative ways. I’m not going to be linking that photo here, so you’ll just have to go find it yourself. It doesn’t need any more traffic and it’s in colour. A clear violation of the black and white editorial choice I’ve made in this post.

Kent Store Special .. Someone Sat on this One

Garbage b’y. You carry it out to the curb every week. The fact that if you don’t cover it the seabirds will go to town-ie on it makes covering your garbage a bylaw in St. John’s. So what do you go for? The Kent store special? Another bought one? A homemade one? The old fishing net?

Rectangular with Lattice .. Rectangular Split Entry

I guess the other questions that come to mind are the stylistic origins of the boxes. The nets are probably more than obvious. Some say lobster traps, but I have yet to come across an authoritative source on that.

Round .. Round with Squirrel Hole

Treasure Chest .. Tall Kent Special

Me? I prefer the net. Sure I carry it out to the curb along with the garbage every week, but I don’t have to look at it every day out my front window and have that constant reminder of how important throwing things out is to Western Civilization.

Garbage Net

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