Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

Let me preface this by saying that this is not what the Eastern Avalon Peninsula is like. Some days are easier to take than others. 20C, a little breezy, and low humidity. Perfect, although the sun was a little warm. I’m not going to complain when the atmosphere is so clear and the sky and ocean are so blue. For every day like this there are, well, I’m just not going to get into that today.

Cape St. Francis is within about a half hour of St. John’s. It depends on how aggressive you drive the last little bit of gravel road which is not the smoothest. There’s a few old structures and some drop dead scenery. It’s also possible to hike to Cape St. Francis from Pouch Cove along the East Coast Trail. Getting out on the trail a couple of times before the snows, sleets and slushy rains is definitely on the list of things to do.

Gears .. Winch House .. Coastline

These photos were taken September 2nd, 2010. Taken mainly using the vivid picture control on the camera. I’m not sure if I like this approach or shooting standard or neutral and then boosting the shadows, fill, and highlights a bit after the fact. I’m undecided on the colour-balance as well. I like both the overly blue and then the slightly warmer which gives me a 70s sort of feel. I was originally going to get up and take sunrise photos here, but I’m glad I didn’t drive the gravel road for the first time in the dark.

Winch House .. Blocks and Chain

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