Checking out the Bing and Google satellite imagery for St. Philips I found a trail that leads from St. Philips to Paradise that would cut the distance from about 12km to around 3km. A couple of months ago I hiked a bit of the trail called Miller’s Path on foot to see if it would be possible to walk to the bakery in Paradise. I still think that’s a bit far for a return voyage with son in tow, but maybe when he loses one of his naps.

Path .. Apocalyptic .. The Trees

The path is an easy walk, although a bit damp in the first hundred meters or so. I sort of scoffed when people joked that if you need to get rid of something just go dump it in the bush. Miller’s Path proves the theory that there is truth in every joke. Oh, the dirty little secrets just around Paradise.

A WALL-E Moment .. How Many Coils?

Among the flotsam and jetsam on this trail are a car door, parts of car fenders, an old dog house, a box spring, a mattress, tar pails, piles of shingles, carpeting, a tool box, siding, a stove, a front-loading dryer, and lots of bags of garbage and piles of wood. I was disappointed when I didn’t have a WALL-E moment when I opened the dryer door, but I did catch some tree seedlings gaining some traction on the metal of some appliance pictured above. I think the images speak for themselves as to why it had been on my list to take the camera for a stroll down the path.

Green-Red-Grey .. Front-Loading .. Pepsi Alright?

It’s probably just human nature. Lazy. Cheap. Inconsiderate.

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